Security Alert – Dundee Scams

//Security Alert – Dundee Scams

Security Alert – Dundee Scams

Police Scotland LogoPolice Scotland have urged the people of Tayside to be on their guard after reports of two scams.

The first scam operates on the principle of persuading the victim to buy a seemingly valuable item for cash.  Later, when it is too late, the victim discovers that the item is not as it seems and is actually worthless.

An elderly Dundee woman also fell victim to the second scam. The fraudsters claimed she had won a lottery based in the USA. After parting with money to pay for the ‘lottery tax’ she of course discovered that she had been tricked.

It’s easy to look at these scams and think that you would never be a victim, but it is important to remember that the fraudsters do everything possible to come across as convincing.

Police Scotland are warning everyone to be extra vigilant when it comes to parting with their money and to also be suspicious if anyone asks you to pay money up front. At Self Guard Ltd we would also add the old adage “if something seems too good to be true – it probably is”.

This post is a security alert from Self Guard Ltd – Dundee based Alarm and CCTV installers. If you would like to be updated on latest security news in the Tayside area feel free to follow us on Facebook

For more information on these scams see the Police Scotland news article.


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